Welcome to Dollartrak!

Dollartrak’s goal is to empower people by providing them the tools and information needed to take charge of their financial situation. There is no one size fits all financial goal, but you can achieve any goal that is important to you by following the same formula.  

Most financial goals boil down to achieving a certain net worth.  You can achieve them by evaluating where you are currently, setting milestones and then tracking your progress.  

This is why Dollartrak exists.  Dollartrak App is designed to help you understand your financial situation, set appropriate goals and track your progress towards achieving them.

We are currently working hard on our first interactive application and are planning for a launch in Q4 2020. The Dollartrak app will provide a simple and intuitive interface for understanding your financial position, setting goals for the future and tracking your progress towards those goals.  You can sign up for the Beta of the app here.