DollarTrak was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing resources to help people understand and improve on their unique financial situations.

Financial Goals

There are lots of sites that concentrate on personal financial goals and strategies. They often boil everyone’s finances down to a small set of rules or guidelines. While this advice can be useful, truly understanding your financial picture and how your decisions affect it can be very difficult. This is because everyone’s situation and goals are different, and life is always changing.

The right tools for the job

DollarTrak is creating intuitive and interactive tools to help ordinary people understand their personal financial situation. Ultimately, we believe that what can be tracked can be improved. Understanding your financial picture and how your choices affect it allows you to make better choices regardless of your goals.

At Dollartrak we are committed to creating those tools, making sure they are free to use, and helping guide people to achieving whatever their financial goals are.

Privacy and Security

We take your security seriously. We don’t ask for any personal information that isn’t needed for generating the reports that you want. We do not ask for any bank or account information.

Any information you choose to save inside of our application is encrypted at rest and in transit and secured with industry best practices.

You can take a look at our privacy policy and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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