How to Create an Email List for WordPress Using Mailchimp

One of the first things a new WordPress site should do is create an email list. It will end up being a critical part of your marketing and revenue generation as your site matures. It can serve as a foundation of your marketing and can be one of the most valuable assets that your small business owns. Read on to learn how to create an email list using Mailchimp for your new WordPress site.

Why Choose Mailchimp

I did a little research on the available options and decided to use Mailchimp as my email list provider. Mailchimp provided a usable free tier version that met my needs out of the gate as well as rich paid features for when my site grew.

It was surprisingly easy to integrate an email signup in my site. I created a free account on Mailchimp and a placed the signup form on a Sidebar menu. I was able to create the email list for my WordPress site in about 10 minutes.

Steps to Create a Mailchimp Email List in 10 Minutes

10 minutes 10 minutes.

How to set up a Mailchimp mailing list and integrate it

  1. Create a Mailchimp account

    Go to Mailchimp and follow the walkthrough to create the account. I chose the free tier as it had plenty of capacity for what I needed when just starting out. You can check the Pricing tab for a comparison of features on the different tiers to make sure it is a good fit for what you want. Once you have done so click Sign Up to create your free account.
    mailchimp signup page

  2. Update your Mailchimp Audience Signup Forms

    On your dashboard choose the Audience menu item. From your audience page select the Manage Audience -> Signup Forms menu.mailchimp audience signup forms

  3. Select Embedded Forms

    You can set up the form however you want using the options on the page. Customize the signup form they give you, but try to resist adding too many required fields. You want it to be as easy as possible for someone to sign up. Once you are happy go ahead and copy the HTML in the Copy/paste onto your site section.mailchimp embedded forms

  4. Add a Custom HTML Widget on your site

    Determine where on your site you want to put the signup form. I chose a Sidebar. Add the Custom HTML widget, expand it and paste in the content you copied in Step 3 in the Content section.

  5. Test it out

    Publishing your site should be all that is left. If you have done it correctly you should see an email signup screen in the correct spot on your site. Goa head and sign yourself up to verify it works.

End Result

This took very little time and I now have a functional mailing list service provided by Mailchimp. There is no good reason creating your email list should not be one of the first things you do after you start work on your site.

Creating the mailing list is only half of the battle, you must learn to effectively use it as well. There will be a learning curve you have to pay as you learn to use the mailing list. Any mistakes you make will be in front of a limited audience, so you have time to learn.

Go set up your mailing list right now! It doesn’t take long and you will be glad you did.

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